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Blog Module

Demonstration of the blog module.

Blog Module
Blog Entry Screen.
This is an example of the blog entry screen.

All the basic blog functionality is built in, as well as a few Glitterpaw'd features link the Internal Link Building drop down list.

The blog module includes it's own image storage directory where the image names are stores as the original file names you uploaded, or you can change the image names using the Image Upload Renaming SEO feature.

Any snap-ins are available in your blog entries, as well as the option to pull the product databases in if you want to talk about set of items.

At the bottom of each blog entry page is a way to control the auto responder on a per blog basis.

This allows you to set specific thank you messages that the user sees after posting a comment, as well as the thank you email they receive.

ROI registration codes are available for those that sneak "promo codes" within the body of the blog.

Lastly, you can set your SEO values for each blog at way at the bottom of the entry screen.