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A Website Platform for Jewelers
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Similar features to many other popular disconnected systems in
one easy to use, flexible software system.

GlitterPaw Software Overview

The core element of G.P.S. is flexibility.

We understand that there needs to be continuity, easy to follow procedures, and a basic sense of user-friendly atmosphere to a CMS--but it is just as important to include a wide variety of features that can apply to businesses in different ways.

In truth, two very similar businesses in the same industries can both use G.P.S. and never cross the same paths with their design, page construction, and content.

This is why "template" has become a dirty word; it implies sameness, non-unique qualities that makes it seem like you're STUCK.

G.P.S. has no such limitation; it will work with nearly any HTML design for different types of industries, and present you in the best light: yours.

How is it Flexible?

With HTML 5 you're supposed to separate content from design. We've taken that philosophy seriously to heart and built a CMS that stores all content and navigation settings one way, and all the design settings another.

When a URL is hit the content and design fall into place. Any website design and CSS can be used as a "theme" or "template" for GlitterPaw. Although the system was designed to work nicely with templates that are "usable." If your chosen template doesn't seem to work with GlitterPaw, then it's a safe bet that your chosen template is not user friendly.

GlitterPaw uses a "paragraph" system to store content and build pages, and every page has a designated "content layout." The layouts control where the paragraphs appear, and when to appear.

On the surface it seems pretty simple, and anyone can learn to use the "Pair Layout 3" within a few minutes to edit their entire website. Our expert users appreciate that we have layouts to control javascripts, forms, Facebook, and a bunch of other really usable business grade stuff.