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Similar features to many other popular disconnected systems in
one easy to use, flexible software system.

Basic & Customizable Layouts

Basic Product Detail Page Layout

Basic & Customizable Layouts
This is the really simple, built in layout.
The product database has more than 100 different fields built into it, many of which you won't need to use. For that reason GlitterPaw doesn't come with an all encompassing product detail page layout.

The screen shot on the left shows our simplest layout.

Typical Product Layout Example

Basic & Customizable Layouts
This is a more typical layout for jewelry products.
For the jewelry industry we've created this typical layout which shows the description, ring size, alternate images, jewelry specifications, and suggested similar items.

Custom Product Details Layouts

Basic & Customizable Layouts
Completely customized product layout.
Through minimal customization you can make the product detail page look like anything.

This example has 2 areas of long descriptive text, social buttons, a video, link to a PDF sales sheet, alternative images and a table of simple specs.

The programming built into every layout, simple or complex, loads all the available product fields. If you know HTML you can rearrange the layout of the detail pages with ease.

Our experience with PHP systems has always been aggravated by endless loading of include files, and difficult to find variable names. GlitterPaw's code wasn't written like that. Instead we load what we need, when we need it on every page so the developer doesn't have to search everywhere.

We'd love to work with developers who are interested in creating product database modules for different vertical markets.