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Image Uploader

Image Uploader
This is the screen shot of the image
uploader with the SEO File Rename field.
This might seem old fashioned but there's a good SEO reason behind it.

Most companies now give you a way to load a Java or JavaScript program to upload multiple files to a server at a time. GlitterPaw doesn't use that technique, but instead gives you the ability to upload 5 images at a time.

However, during the upload process you can change the file name to something more SEO friendly. For example, if the image filename on your hard drive is PIC2900034.JPG you can select it, but then tell the website to rename it to "portrait photo of Anna and Alexander". The website will then rename the photo to "portrait-photo-of-anna-and-alexander.jpg".

This makes managing photos much easier, and Google likes it too.