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Paragraph Numbers & Design

Paragraph Numbers & Design
Website Design without
the paragraph overlay.
Paragraph Numbers & Design
Website Design with
paragraph numbers
shown as "P".
GlitterPaw Software stores content and design separately.

Any design can be installed as a theme on top of GlitterPaw, just make sure the designer remembers that websites are organized into cells of information. We call that information a "paragraph," for dis-ambiguity we sometimes call them "content paragraphs."

The example you see here shows a website design and the content paragraph overlays. We typically represent paragraph numbers with a capital "P" and a number.

"Default Paragraphs" 1 and 2 are set globally.

Paragraphs 1 to 30 are usable on all layouts.

Paragraph 200 always controls the left margin of the screen.

Paragraph 201 (not shown) always controls the right margin of the screen.

Paragraphs 600 to 603 are used for various header and footer content blocks depending on the design.

Other paragraph numbers are used to control cookies, JavaScripts, Google Experiment.Remarketing scripts, and a lot more.