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A Website Platform for Jewelers
to Make Your Mark.

Similar features to many other popular disconnected systems in
one easy to use, flexible software system.

Layout vs. Content

Every web page stored in GlitterPaw is split between saving content in one place and layout in another.

Layout vs. Content
Here's a screen cap of the settings
for this page.
As you edit the paragraph content you are able to choose from more than 100 different layouts. That might sound daunting, but in fact most users just select the "Pair Layout 3" because it's the most flexible layout. In fact, this page is using that layout.

GlitterPaw groups paragraphs together as odd and even pairs. So paragraph 1 and paragraph 2 would align together, then paragraph 3 and paragraph 4. Most uses only need the odd paragraphs.

There are multiple Contact Us forms built into the system. Depending on which form you select you can even control the email address the form is sent to. Marketing people love the "ROI" forms (return on investment) because they let you set 10 different tracking codes that customers can enter into the form.

Directions for each layout are included as a quick link on the Edit Screens so you never get lost.